Welcome to the Dominion Hills Dive Team!

Please visit the official DH Dive Website at Swimtopia.com for the latest information on registration, schedules and other events.

We are looking forward to another fun-filled dive season! In addition to the practices and meets, there will be a Pool-Side Kick-Off Party, Friday Breakfasts, Pep Rallies, an Awards Banquet and more. Let's go Warriors!

The Dominion Hills dive team offers DHARA pool members between the ages of 6 and 18 the opportunity to compete against athletes from other Northern Virginia pools within the Northern Virginia Swim League (NVSL) , one of the oldest and largest youth sports leagues in the country.

There are lots of good reasons to join the team! Swimmers and divers love the teams because they get to make lots of new friends, participate in pep rallies, improve their strokes and dives, improve their times, cheer on their team mates, travel all over Northern Virginia checking out other team's pools, wear cool swim suits, get up early in the morning to practice, eat donuts and pancakes, take home an award at the end of the season, and really enjoy being part of a team.

Parents love the dive team because they get to know other pool members, share in their child's success, get up at the crack of dawn to drink coffee by the pool during practice, enjoy sitting in the hot sun cheering on the team at meets (or alternately standing behind the concession stand cheering while selling pizza, drinks, lots of junk food and the occasional healthy snack), travel to parts of Northern Virginia they never knew existed, and really enjoy the team experience.

The Legend of the Warriors

The team is named for the young, athletic members of the native American tribes who in the past roamed this area. They would be called by Chief Powhatan to meet periodically at the natural spring currently enclosed in a springhouse in the valley at the rear of the Dominion Hills’ property. The spring appears on the first maps of the area. Dominion Hills Warriors draw their strength from a long line of warriors, and their speed from the “fast water” of the spring.