Dear DHARA Members,

We are very excited to have officially started the 2021 pool year!! We’re very much hoping for a more open and enjoyable season this year and as always will do our best to squeeze every drop of fun out of it.

Please read the following carefully regarding your membership dues, which are now due by end-of-day on April 1, 2021. After April 1, late fees will be incurred. Please check your email as well to confirm you did receive it and if not, please make sure your email is update in our portal.

IMPORTANT: If your AMC and late fees have not been paid in full by April 30, 2021, your membership can be condemned, revoked and sold according to DHARA rules. Also, you will not be allowed into the facility until all fees have been paid.

Payment by*Late FeeRegular Member Total Due**
April 1, 2021$0.00$915.00
April 15, 2021$100.00$1,015.00
April 30, 2021$225.00$1,240.00

This year, online/electronic billing may be the only method used. Please ensure your email address is correct in the membership portal. See details below for logging in.

Paying Your Bill: As of 2021 we are only accepting payments via our online portal. If you have questions please email the board at

Pay Online: Log into the membership portal at to pay your bill (processing fee applies). 

  • If you’ve forgotten your username or password – or don’t know it – use the reset password feature (small link at the bottom of the login page). Just use an email address associated with your DHARA account, and if a matching account is found, a reset link will be mailed to the address you enter.
  • Once logged in, you are able to pay your bill – as well as purchase guest credits and more. 
  • (Credit processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 applies)

Renting or Selling Your Membership

  • Memberships may be rented out to non-members for the summer for a $50 fee. (They can be rented only twice during the course of ownership.)
  • If you do not sell or rent your membership by March 15, your AMC is still due in full by the timelines above.
  • If you’re interested in selling or renting your membership, contact Julie Jernigan, Membership Recorder, at
    703-531-0770 or no later than March 1, 2021.

Other Information

  • The fee to register a Childcare Provider (CC) is $50. You can reactivate last year’s provider, or identify a new childcare provider, by sending a note along with your dues payment – with the additional $50 fee in your payment. You can also pay this fee online.
  • The Membership Directory is online and searchable. Access it from the Membership drop-down menu on the website (you must be logged in). DHARA does not share information outside its membership. (Once logged into the website, you also can opt out of being included in the directory.)
  • Make sure your membership information is up to date before the pool opens! Log into the membership portal at Update your email, view family members, pay your bill, and more. NOTE: The pool opens in mid-May. Updates will be sent via email, so ensure your email information is current.

**Emeritus members pay $425 before any incurred late fees