Hello and Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it’s already 2023 and time once again for the DHARA Annual Membership Meeting.  This year’s meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 1, 2023 at 7 pm.  Given the boost to attendance, convenience, and popular demand, we are going to host the meeting virtually again this year.  You can find a link on the website here, you’ll need to login to access the link.  The agenda includes meeting the candidates for the Board, hearing the results of the Board election, reviewing our finances and 2023 budget, and sharing updates on the Board’s and DHARA’s activities.  See the meeting agenda for the full list of topics.

We had another successful summer in 2022 with normal operations for the entire swim season.  Visits were up by 5%, and members enjoyed a number of new amenities, including, most importantly, the Quack Shack!  We had excellent sales, particularly of candy and ice cream.  We look forward to any suggestions the membership might have to make the Quack Shack even better.  We also launched Wifi throughout our grounds, obtained towel hooks and umbrellas, and your Board painted the retaining wall bordering the parking lot.  

We had a full slate of social activities, including movie nights, kids and teen nights, holiday picnics (with your Board manning the grills!), the return of the Adult Dinner, and Year 2 of Oktoberfest.  Finally, the swim and dive teams had another successful year, and I look forward to the Water Sports committee report during the Annual Meeting. 

Your Board also continues to consider DH’s long-term plans.  We will hear a more detailed report during the Annual Meeting, but we conducted an initial analysis of our property and are moving forward with additional planning work in 2023.  As previously discussed, at the moment we are engaged solely in feasibility studies and planning.  No major decisions have been made and none will be made without member involvement.  

As always, I would like to thank the membership for their continued involvement, whether through participation via our suggestion portal, joining our social activities, or support for the swim and dive teams.  Your participation is what makes DH great.  I also want to thank my fellow Board members and DH staff for their dedication and continued hard work to ensure that DH remains a fun and exciting space for all members. 

Finally, please remember to cast your vote regarding the election of new Board members.  You can see CANDIDATE BIOS and VOTE ELECTRONICALLY on the website, during the annual meeting, or, if necessary, download and print the ballot and mail it back.


Best wishes,

Matt Bachrack, DHARA President