These rules are from the full list of DHARA rules that can be found here


3.1 The manager on duty and the lifeguards are in complete charge.

3.2 Showering with soap and water is encouraged before entering the pool.

3.3 Everyone, especially children, is requested to use the toilet facilities before entering the pool. Parents are strongly urged to supervise children using the restrooms for their safety and to minimize litter and damage to the facility.

3.4 Sec. 24-26 of the Arlington County Swimming Pool Code states, “The introduction of body wastes, including sputum, into a pool is prohibited. Individuals wearing diapers are prohibited from entering the pool water. A pool contaminated by human or animal feces shall be closed immediately.” The intent of the first part of this code statement is that diapers cannot be in direct contact with the pool water.

  1. The code further states that the pool management must “Close the pool until the total volume of water can be passed through the filtering system; i.e., for the turnover times.” Sec. 24-29 designates the turnover time for our combination diving swimming pool as six (6) hours.
  2. Our rule that individuals wearing diapers must wear tight-fitting rubber pants and swim suits over the diapers in order to use any pool will be strictly enforced. A limited supply of rubber pants will be available for purchase in the guard room for emergency situations, but you are responsible for obtaining the proper size rubber pants for children in your care.

3.5 Do not change diapers on picnic tables. Diaper changing stations are in the wading pool area and in the locker rooms.

3.6 Persons with skin eruptions, open sores, bandages, band-aids, and so forth are not permitted in the pool.

3.7 Glass, other breakable objects, and gum are not permitted in the bathhouse and pool area or in any location where members and guests may have bare feet.

3.8 All swimmers and divers must pass the swim test or demonstrate adequate swimming skills to be in the deep-end side of the main pool, including the diving well and “triangle” area.

The swim test is administered by the manager on duty. The swimmer must, without stopping to rest, swim freestyle one length of the dive well (from the west wall to the triangle), stop and tread water for one minute, and swim freestyle one length of the dive well back to the west wall. Please see the manager on duty for more information.

3.9 Children under five years of age must be accompanied in the water at all times by a child care provider.

3.10 Children who have not passed the swim test must have an adult within arm’s reach at all times while in the shallow side of the main pool.

3.11 Children using floatation devices in the training tank must have an adult within arm’s reach at all times. No floatation devices are allowed in the main pool.

3.12 At 10 minutes before the hour, the lifeguards may call a break. Everyone under the age of 16 must exit the water.

3.13 Lap lanes are for lap swimming and instructional use only. Circle swimming is encouraged when lanes are crowded.

3.14 Distracting and dangerous activities are prohibited, including but not limited to running, wrestling, dunking, spitting, horseplay, pushing others into the water, gum chewing, and distracting guards in the chair.

3.15 Diving with hands and arms along the sides of the diver so that there is no protection for the head of the diver is strictly prohibited.

3.16 No swimming is allowed in the diving area when the board is in use.

3.17 Only one person is permitted on the diving board at a time. Bouncing on the board is not allowed.

3.18 Candy wrappers, cups, cans, bottles, gum, and all other disposable items must be placed in proper trash receptacles.

3.19 No food or drink (except water in a non-breakable container) is allowed on the pool deck. Food, soft drinks, and so forth are allowed only in the following areas

  • Concession and upper deck area
  • On the wood deck area
  • Outside the fenced pool area.

3.20 All picnics and other informal gatherings must begin cleaning up NO LATER THAN 10 minutes prior to closing.

3.21 Squirt guns, snorkels, and inner tubes are not permitted in any of the pools or pool areas. Other inflatables such as basketballs, beach balls, and swimming pool aids (diving torpedoes, kick boards, and fins), are permitted only at the discretion of the manager on duty. Toys are permitted only in the wading pool.

3.22 No one is allowed on the bulkhead divider between the two sections of the main pool unless specifically approved by the manager on duty or staff.

3.23 Strollers and playpens are only allowed in the wading pool area or under the awning on the upper deck.

3.24 Defacing of DHARA property is prohibited.

3.25 The wading pool is for use by children six years of age and younger. Children must be supervised at all times by a parent, responsible adult, or registered child care provider.