Annual Meeting Update: New Board Members and Updated Bylaws

Thanks to all of the members who came out to the annual meeting and to all that voted in this year’s election for new board members.

We’re happy to welcome Cynthia Torg, Pete Bentson, Rob Smith and James Woodward to the Dominion Hills board of directors — plus MaryJane Klingelhofer who was re-elected! With the new cohort of BOD members now on board, we also have a new Executive Committee, all of which are listed here.

We also want to make sure we give a HUGE thank you to our departing members, Scott Christensen, Rich Engel, Stephen Nix and Louis Finkel. Their service on the board has been invaluable and as you’ve seen, there is more work needed to keep DH running than one would think. Thank you for the generous gifts of your time and energy!

A special thank you as well to Scott and Rich who have served for many years. Most recently Scott served as President for the past two years, providing much appreciated rock solid leadership. Rich has been on the board for longer than many can recall and has been a constant advocate for the board in our dealing with the county and always provides a great perspective in our planning discussions. They might not be on the board in the future but, we look forward to hearing from them as regular members, as their input is always welcome and appreciated.

Another item that was voted on in the annual meeting was updates to the DHARA by laws. These were lightly debated and passed nearly unanimously. Check out the by-laws — we encourage all members to familiarize themselves with them.

As always, the board welcomes input and participation from our members to help with the continuing efforts in improving our community.