Capital Projects Update

The Board of Directors would like to make DHARA members aware of two significant capital projects we are currently researching and hope to execute in CY’18.

The first project is removal of the aging wooden fire escape located over the entryway leading to the upper pool deck. The stairway will be replaced by a new egress and ADA compliant patio walkway at the front of the Community House. The second project is to fully renovate the men’s and women’s bathrooms to resolve significant drainage and ventilation issues and improve aethetics.

We believe both projects are necessary to improve the safety and overall usability of the facility.

The Board has engaged an architecture firm to provide preliminary design ideas and cost estimates. We are also exploring financing options. Our discovery effort is still in progress.

Upon completion of our analysis, the results will be shared with the membership for their review and input. To ensure every member has the opportunity to respond with comments and feedback, a special membership meeting dedicated solely to this topic is being planned to be held before the end of the year. To maximize attendance at the meeting and encourage participation in this important matter the membership will be given 30 days prior notice of the special meeting date.