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Phase 2 Updates for Lap Swim & More (June 21)

We’re sharing some important updates to our Phase 2 Guidelines. Please read this email carefully as the described policy changes impact lap swimming reservations during the coming week and require further action from those who already made reservations.

We also have exciting news regarding a new walk-up policy for open time slots. Keep in mind, we will continue to update our pool guidelines related to COVID as the summer progresses and state guidance changes. We appreciate your patience with all of this. These are challenging times for the board and pool manager, and we are trying to be as nimble and responsive as possible while maintaining a safe, enjoyable pool environment.

Lap Swim Time – Clarification & Change

During Phase 2, as in Phase 1, we intended to allow one reservation for each of our 6 lap lanes during each lap swimming time slot. This would permit 6 reservations in a given time slot. The change for Phase 2 is that up to 3 people from the same household may use the lane during the time slot. Instead, the reservation system was allowing two reservations for each lap lane during each time slot (12 reservations per time slot). This resulted in the potential for members of different households sharing a lane. This was not our intention, and we have had negative feedback from the membership about it.

To rectify this, we are reducing the number of available lap lane reservations per time slot from 12 back down to 6. This will allow the intended one household per lane during each time slot.

Below is updated/clarified Phase 2 guidance to reflect this change:

  • Up to 3 swimmers from the same family may share a lane under the same reservation. If more than one swimmer is using a lane, the swimmers must maintain 10 feet of social distance while in the pool.
  • Swimmers from different memberships/households may not share a lane.
  • As before, each membership can make 6 lap reservations per week.
  • To accommodate this change, we have had to cancel the existing lap swimming reservations for the coming week. Therefore, anyone who has a lap swimming reservation during the week of Monday, June 22, please rebook your reservations as soon as you are able.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Also, make sure to check your “My Reservations Page” before and after making reservations. If there are any discrepancies, please let us know.

Drop-in/Walk-up Now Available

Starting Monday, June 22, if there are open time slots that have not been reserved in advance, members can use the open slot(s) on a drop-in/walk-up basis, first come, first serve. This policy applies to both lap swim and household exercise slots.So, log in and keep a close eye on the reservations openings pages, which easily allow you to see when there are open time slots.

Using a time slot in this way does not count against a membership’s weekly reservation allotment.

Also, please note that any reservation made will be honored, right up to the last minute of the time slot. You are still permitted to be late to your reserved time slot.
Important Note: At the moment, we are not scheduling reservations past June 28. We expect to adjust the schedule starting June 29, to build in swim & dive team instruction. Stay tuned for details in the next couple days.