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COVID-19 Phase 3 Pool Updates – June 25

Earlier this week, Governor Northam announced that every region of the Commonwealth is expected to move to Phase 3 on Wednesday, July 1. Likewise, we’re pleased to report our pool will begin our Phase 3 Procedures on July 1, along with new operating hours that incorporate swim and dive team instruction time. (Learn more about the swim team & dive team plans.)

Please keep in mind, until Phase 3 begins on July 1, we’re still operating under our Phase 2 Procedures, which do not allow free/recreational swimming.

Highlights of Our Phase 3 Procedures (Starting July 1)

  • Free/recreational swimming will be available! The state lifted the “structured exercise” requirement from Phase 3. Members from different households must still observe 10 feet of social distancing both in and out of the water. We will continue to offer 1 reservation per week/membership, but may adjust this limit in the future based on demand and utilization.
    • At least 12 available areas of the pool will be available during recreational swim times, including sectioned-off areas in the main pool, the “tank,” and the dive well. The baby pool also will be available. We’ll accept 12 household reservations during each 90-minute session.
    • Members are encouraged to rotate usage and share different parts of the pool during the 90-minute time slot — you will not have a dedicated area that is yours alone for the entire time.
  • At the 45-minute mark, the lifeguards will blow the whistle. At that time, please exit the pool area you have been using and select a different pool area that is not occupied. We also request that members reserve areas with shallower water for those members requiring access to shallower water to enjoy the pool.
  • Lap swimming-only sessions will be available in the early morning, midday, later evening, and on the weekends. We’ve also time set aside for members at higher risk, including members over 60 years old. Members will have 4 lap swim reservations per week; slightly reduced from 6 to accommodate more swimmers, and also because drop-in options now are available.
  • There’s no limit on the number of people from the same household that may share a swim lane or other area of the pool. (And we encourage families to make a single reservation and share a lane, to maximize utilization.) At this time, each swim lane or other area of the pool only may be used by a single household at a time.
  • The drop-in/walk-up policy will continue on a first come/first served basis. NOTE: Effective Friday June 26, drop-in users during household exercise time or, during Phase 3, recreational swim time will be granted access to the pool 15 minutes after the start of the time slot.This will help ensure people with a reservation have an area of their choosing, particularly important for those with young kids or lap swimmers. Any reservation made will be honored, right up to the last minutes.
  • In addition, we have a new policy on recreational swim reservations impacted by pool closings due to weather.

See the detailed Phase 3 Procedures and hours of operation starting on July 1.


Keep informed

As the summer progresses, we expect to make additional adjustments based on pool usage, state and local guidance, and member feedback. COVID-19 has resulted in a highly unusual summer. We continue to rely on your patience and understanding.

Please keep an eye on your email for future updates. Also check the Dominion Hills website, where we always post the latest information.

Be well friends!

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