DHARA 2023 Membership Dues are due March 15, 2023

Dear fellow DHARA Members,

We’re very excited to start the 2023 pool year! The board has lots of fun activities planned for members of all ages and we hope this will be our best season yet!

For 2023, membership dues were approved at $1,026 for regular members and $480 for emeritus members.

Please click here to find the 2023 bill with payment instructions. Payments are due by March 15 and any late payments will be assessed a late fee.  Details can be found in the 2023 bill you received or at the link above.

As we’ve mentioned over the past few years, to avoid the administrative burden associated with handling paper checks, we strongly encourage all members to pay membership dues via our online portal at www.dominonhills.org. If you’ve forgotten your username or password – or don’t know it – use the reset password feature (small link under the login button). Just use an email address associated with your DHARA account, and if a matching account is found, a reset link will be emailed to the address you entered. Once logged in, you are able to pay your bill – as well as purchase guest credits and more.

If absolutely necessary, you may pay by check and the dues amount will be the same. Please make the check out to Dominion Hills Area Recreation Association and send it with your membership # in the memo line to: Dominion Hills Area Recreation Association, P.O. Box 5643, Arlington, VA 22205.

Please feel free to contact the board with any questions at info@dominionhills.org.


All the best,

Your DH Board