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DHARA COVID-19 & Pool Updates

Phase 1 Update
Based on how the first six days have gone with our new COVID-19 Phase 1 procedures, along with the availability of swim slots, we are making some additional adjustments to current Phase 1 lap swimming rules.

  • Effective Friday, June 12, age restrictions on lap swimming have been lifted. Consistent with existing DHARA rules, swimmers who are 9 or older can do lap swimming unaccompanied; any lap swimmer who is 8 or younger must swim with a parent, guardian or age 15 (or older) sibling in an adjacent lane on their own reservation. Any child who is signed up for lap swimming must have previously passed the DHARA swim test.
    • Please note that if any swimmer is not able to swim for the entire 30-minute reservation, they must immediately exit the premises.  Members will not be allowed to wait on the deck until the reservation time is complete.
  • Members can still reserve up to 6 lap swimming slots per membership each week. Login and register for time slots.
  • All individuals in the pool must remain 10 feet from each other at all times unless one individual is unable to swim or requires other assistance. In those situations, a single household member may assist.

Phase 2 Planning
Northern Virginia is entering Phase 2 on Friday, June 12, and the pool is preparing to implement a new plan for Phase 2 operations consistent with the state released mandatory guidelines for outdoor pools (see page 23). This new operational plan will include designated time slots for both lap swimming and family/household exercise, starting late next week. (Note: Due to the upcoming reservation system changes for Phase 2, we are not scheduling additional Phase 1 lap swimming reservations past June 19.)

The DHARA Board is also coordinating with the swim and dive teams to initiate instructional-focused team practices starting in late June/early July. We will be sharing additional details on the Phase 2 plans next week and look forward to opening opportunities for all members to attend the pool.

Stay Well!

  • The DHARA Board.