person diving on pool during daytime

Drop-in/Walk-up Available

If there are open time slots that haven’t been reserved in advance, members can use the open slot(s) on a drop-in/walk-up basis — first come, first serve. This policy applies for all reservation types.

Effective Friday June 26, drop-in users during household exercise time or, during Phase 3, recreational swim time will be granted access to the pool 15 minutes after the start of the time slot. This will help ensure people with a reservation have an area of their choosing, particularly important for those with young kids or lap swimmers. Any reservation made will be honored, right up to the last minutes.

Just log in and keep a close eye on the reservations openings pages, which allow you to see the open time slots.

And remember …

  • Using a time slot in this way does not count against a membership’s reservation allotment.
  • Reservations made will be honored, right up to the last minute of the time slot. You are still permitted to be late to your reserved time slot.