Last Updated 6/16/20

  1. Is there full access to pool facilities at this point?
  2. Will there be activities other than Lap Swimming and Household Exercise time? (BBQ, adult brunch, holiday picnics, Tiny Tot picnics, etc.)?
    • Not at this time.
  3. Will DH rent out the community house this summer?
    • Not at this time.
  4. Will swim lessons be available this summer?
    • Unfortunately, we don’t expect to offer swim lessons this summer.
  5. What will the rules be around food at the pool?
    • At this time, no outside food or drink will be allowed other than personal water bottles (that cannot be filled at the pool).
  6. When will families be allowed at the pool?
    • As part of Phase 2, Household Exercise time and Lap Swimming reservations will allow many families to exercise at the pool. We hope to have recreational swimming later in the summer as state/local restrictions relax.
  7. Will whole or partial refunds be considered if access to the pool remains limited throughout the duration of the summer? What if my family does not have any lap swimmers and we don’t use the pool at all? What longer-term financial implications will there be as a result of this summer?
    • At this time, the Board has not determined whether refunds or credits for next year will be provided. Once the season is over, and we have concrete costs/expenses, we will have a clear picture of our financials. The great majority of the costs that we incur are fixed (annual staff, capital debt/loan payments, insurance, property taxes, maintenance, etc.). And at this point we do not know what our expenses as well as revenues will be this season (we will lose revenue from forgone clubhouse rentals, swim lessons, etc.). We will revisit the idea of refunds or credits after the season. There are many unknowns at this point, but as member owners of the pool we are all responsible in part for operating DHARA. You also can view the budget for this year, which was approved at the February 2020 Annual Membership Meeting.
  8. How will planning for Phase 3 work?
    • The Board and Pool Manager will begin planning for Phase 3 when we have Phase 3 guidelines from the state. We will continue to send the membership updates.