Dominion Hills Phase 3 Operating Procedures

Procedures are subject to change based upon guidance from Arlington County, the Commonwealth of Virginia (VA), applicable federal authorities and Dominion Hills’ insurance provider.  

Novel Coronavirus, COVID-19, has caused a public health crisis and placed an unusual level of stress and uncertainty on all of us. As such, DHARA members must adhere to the Amendments to the DHARA 2020 Rules and Regulations to Address COVID-19 during such time as COVID-19 is presenting restrictions on DHARA operations.


  • The danger of exposure to the coronavirus that causes COVID-19 exists.
  • By entering the pool grounds, you take responsibility for your own protection and for disinfecting your hands and anything you touch in the pool area.
  • In order to reduce the risk of infection, members must follow all DHARA Rules & Regulations, including recent amendments to address the COVID-19 crisis, and these Procedures.
  • Do not use the pool if you have a cough, fever or other symptoms of illness or have displayed such symptoms over the past 14 days.
  • Maintain at least 10 feet between you and other people who are not a part of your household.
  • Wear a face covering when you are checking in and while in the bath house.  We strongly recommend that you otherwise wear a mask when not in the swimming pool.  

Members using the pool should only do so understanding that (1) staff will not know who is infected or not, (2) anyone using the pool may be infected, and (3) it is vital to their own health and the health of our community that they adhere to the proper procedures to limit exposure by staff and other members. 

Updated Phase 3 requirements and policies

  • Free swim is now available!  
  • While members from different households must continue to observe 10 feet of social distancing both in and out of the water, members of the same household no longer need to observe social distancing, even while in the water.
  • There is no longer a limit on the number of people from the same household that may share a swim lane or other area of the pool. As before, each swim lane or other area of the pool may only be used by a single household at a time.
  • The baby pool will be open, effective July 1.
  • We will continue with our drop in policy.  If a time slot has not been reserved, you may drop in and use the empty time slot on a first come/first served basis.  Drop in use does not count against your weekly allotment of reservations.  During recreational swim, drop in users will be granted access to the pool 15 minutes after the start of the time slot.
  • Any reservation made will be honored, right up to the last minutes.
  • We have a new policy with respect to recreational swim reservations impacted by pool closings due to weather.  When the pool is closed due to weather for 60 or more minutes of your reservation, the impacted time slot will not count against your weekly allotment of recreational swim reservations.  See below for more details. 
  • Each membership will have 4 lap swimming reservations and 1 recreational swim reservation each week.
  • As before, members may not bring guests.

Lap swimming

The following procedures apply to lap swimming:  

  • As before, only the 6 lap lanes may be reserved.
  • Each membership will be allowed 4 lap swim reservations per week, as available. 
  • Any number of swimmers from the same household may share a lane under the same reservation. There is no need for members of the same household to observe social distancing while in the pool.
  • Swimmers from different memberships/households may not share a lane.
  • Dominion Hills will not have any kickboards or other swimming equipment available for usage.  Members may bring kickboards, paddles, fins and pull buoys for personal use only.
  • There are no age limits for lap swim sessions. Swimmers age 9 or older may swim laps unaccompanied. Any lap swimmer who is 8 or younger must swim with a parent, guardian or age 15 (or older) sibling in the same lane or an adjacent lane.  If the older swimmer is using an adjacent lane, the older swimmer will need a separate reservation. 
  • Any child swimming in the lap lanes who has not previously passed the DHARA swim test must be accompanied in that lane by a parent or guardian. 
  • Swimmers unable to swim for the entire 30-minute reservation must immediately exit the premises. Members will not be allowed to wait on the deck until the reservation time is complete. During lap swim, seating areas within the DHARA grounds are off limits due to strict state rules regarding disinfection of any seating area between reservations.
  • Except in an emergency situation, no two swimmers in adjacent lanes should ever stop at the same end.  
  • Members must not wear face coverings while swimming, other than goggles. 

Recreational swim  

The following procedures apply to recreational swim:

  • Each membership will be allowed one reservation per week for recreational swim, as available.  Keep in mind that your whole family may come to the pool together to enjoy this reservation.
  • There will be 12 total available areas of the pool: (a) three deep lap lanes in the main pool, (b) three shallower lap lanes in the main pool that will be roped off in three perpendicular sections (c) the “tank,” which will be roped off dividing it in half, and (d) the dive well, which also will be divided into 4 sections for treading water. The baby pool will also be available.
  • Each reservation will last 90 minutes.  We will accept 12 reservations during each 90-minute session (one for each section of the pool).  
  • While in the pool, free swim is now available!  The state has lifted the “structured exercise” requirement.  
  • Dominion Hills will not have any kickboards or other swimming equipment available for usage.  Members may bring kickboards, paddles, fins and pull buoys for personal use only.
  • After check in, you can choose a  pre-arranged, socially distanced table and chairs on the pool deck. Please refrain from rearranging the table/chairs. 
  • While on the pool deck or in the pool, members of the same household need not engage in social distancing from one another.  However members must maintain 10 feet of social distancing from members of other households.  
  • Please select one of the 12 swimming areas for use upon your arrival.
  • Any number of swimmers from the same household may share an area of the pool, and there is no need for members of the same household to observe social distancing while in the pool. If the pool is at capacity, all members of a household must use the same swimming area at a given time (for example, brother cannot use the tank while sister uses a lap lane).
  • Swimmers from different households may not share an area of the pool.
  • Members are encouraged to rotate usage and share different parts of the pool during the 90 minute time slot — you will not have a dedicated area that is yours alone for the entire reservation. 
  • There are no age limits for use of the pool during recreational swim. Any child who is using the deeper end of the pool must have previously passed the DHARA swim test. 
  • During your reservation, you may move back and forth between your table and water.  Please maintain 10 feet of social distancing as you move about.  
  • During recreational swim, all bathrooms will be open, but should be used for emergencies only. If you use the facilities, please utilize one of the disinfecting wipes that are made available in the bathroom to wipe down the toilet/urinal/stall areas when you are done.  
  • The showers and changing areas in the bathrooms will not be available for use. 
  • There will be a 30-minute break between each reservation period so staff can disinfect all public areas.

Phase 3 Hours of Operation

The following will be our operating hours from July 1 until further notice. 

Phase 3 Lap Swim Hours

Monday – Friday:

6am-7am (30 minute slots) | 11am – 12:30pm (30 minute slots) 7:00pm – 8:30pm (45 minute slots)

We ask that you please reserve 11-11:30am Monday-Friday for our members over 60 and for those at high risk

Saturday & Saturday:

7:30am – 10:30am (45 minute slots)

We ask that you please reserve 7-9:30am on Sundays for our members over 60 and for those at high risk

Household Exercise Hours

Available in 90 minute slots.

Monday – Friday: 1pm – 6:30pm

Saturday & Sunday: 11am – 8:30pm

How to Reserve  

Members must reserve their time slots in advance via our online reservation form. You will need to log into the Dominion Hills website to access the reservation tool. 

Reservations: Make your pool time reservations.

When you log in, you will see available slots for that day plus the following week.  As such, members can make reservations up to one week in advance.  Weeks start on Sunday and end on Saturday.

Cancellation Due to Weather

If a member is concerned about the impact inclement weather may have on an upcoming reservation, they may cancel the reservation before the reservation begins.  Our reservation tool will not permit a member to cancel a reservation after it begins.

If a member is forced to miss 60 minutes or more of a recreational swim reservation because the pool was shut down due to weather, DHARA will cancel that recreational swim reservation, and it will not count against the weekly allotment.

This policy does not apply to law swimming, as the cancellation process requires manual, human intervention, the reservations are shorter, and each membership is provided with multiple time slots each week.


Members must wait in their cars or in a designated area until their reserved time.  At no earlier than 10 minutes prior to each new swim session, members may line up on marked spots in front of the check in area.  A staff member will signal each member to approach the check in area for check-in.  

Check-in and Screening  

All staff and members will be screened prior to entering the pool. Each member coming to use the pool will:

  1. Check in with staff.
  2. Answer questions about COVID-19 health symptoms and potential exposure.
  3. Confirm that they have read and understood the COVID-19 amendments to the DHARA Rules & Regulations and waiver releasing DHARA from any liability in the event that they contract COVID-19.
  4. Members must wear masks during check-in.  

Only when the screening parameters have been successfully completed by the member will they be allowed to enter the pool area.  


Members will enter via the front gate (pylons/cordoned off as 2 separate areas) after checking in.  Arrangements will be made with members of limited mobility to enter through our ADA entrance at the rear gate.  Members must wear a mask to enter the bath house.  Otherwise, masks are strongly encouraged to be worn on the rest of the Dominion Hills property.  

During lap swim, members will be assigned to either the blue or red end of the pool for entry.  The pool deck will have arrows making clear which end is blue and which is red. Upon entry, swimmers will place clothes in a designated chair for his/her designated lane. 

During recreational swim, members will be directed to a table on the pool deck.  Please proceed to your table.  With the exception of equipment to be used in the pool (goggles, kick board, etc.), keep any belongings at the table for the duration of your stay. 

Avoid touching any railing, fences, tables, barriers, etc. 


Members are strongly encouraged to put on their face covering once they are out of the pool.  At the end of the reservation, members must leave the pool area through the back gate immediately, wearing their swimsuit and with all their equipment.  Any items left may immediately be discarded.  

Shower at Home  

Dominion Hills requests that every member shower at home before coming to the pool and be ready to enter the water immediately after entrance wearing his/her swimsuit and with all necessary equipment.  


No food, coolers, or grilling will be allowed.  Members may only bring personal water bottles.  Please fill your water bottle at home as the water fountains and sinks will not be available. 

Other Areas of DHARA  

All areas not described as available for usage in the lap swimming and household exercise procedures above will be closed and off limits.  


Dominion Hills will open and operate with a limited number of experienced/senior staff members and lifeguards. Staff members will be provided with masks and gloves. 


Staff will use proper personal precaution when providing medical aid, avoiding mouth to mouth or mouth to mask resuscitation. Staff will use a bag-valve-mask or positive pressure ventilator.  Additional precautions will include, at a minimum, gloves and masks.

Physical Barriers and Guides  

Staff will provide physical cues, pylons, or barriers (for example, lane lines in the water or chairs and tables on the deck) and visual cues (for example, tape on the decks, floors, or sidewalks) and signs to help ensure that procedures are followed.


Members must provide their own personal protective equipment (PPE), such as face coverings, gloves, etc.  Masks are required during check in and to enter the bath house.  Otherwise, masks are strongly encouraged to be worn on the rest of the Dominion Hills property.  

Membership Revocation or Suspension   

The management has the right to ask anyone to leave the grounds. Any members not following the procedures listed above may be suspended or lose their member privileges in accordance with the provisions in Section 8 of the Dominion Hills Rules