(Updated 1/27/19) Below are recent Q&A received from members regarding the renovation project.

Q: What are the items have been removed from the project that would be added back into if the additional funding if  approved by the membership?

A: For the additional capital funding, approximately $24K will be: tiling on the walls in the locker rooms (this had to be removed when the bids came back too high), copper piping vs. PVC piping, and additional money for construction administration services by the architect. We hope not to use the entire $65K, however, we need to have funds for unforeseen expenses.

Q: Can wider benches be considered in the women’s changing room? (wider that 6 inches)

A: The benches in the women’s room are planned for 12″ wide and 18″ wide.

A: The women’s locker room design has only two private changing areas. Could more be added? What about adding curtains?

A: Unfortunately, due to the ADA compliance regulations affecting the renovation, valuable space was used up for the ADA private shower, as well as the Family Bathroom located between the entrance to the two restrooms. We were also required to provide a large number of toilets, based on the pool usage requirements. Given these constraints, the current layout made the most sense. In addition, making changes to the design at this point would incur significant costs. The Facilities Committee and the design team will consider the possibility of curtains.

Q: Do we need to hire additional security during the renovation, due to concerns about safety of the facility? (since the resident manager will be living off site for a period of time, during construction)
A: The Executive Committee of the Board considered the situation, evaluated the risks, and determined that paying for security in during the short period the resident manager moved out would not a good use of our association’s limited funds. Dominion Hills is one of a very small number of pools in region with a resident manager. We have not had the need to hire security during times the manager has been away for vacations or other commitments in the past.  There also will be contractors and workers on site nearly every day. Our pool manager also has asked the Arlington police to pass by the property more often during his absence.