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Signup Changes, July 29 Update

Based on feedback from members about this week’s pool sign-ups, we are adjusting the sign-up process starting this coming week to make it more equitable for our members to have opportunities to attend the pool.

For the week of August 2-8, we will now have a two-stage process for reserving times:

  1. Registration will open at 9pm this Thursday, July 30, and members will initially be allowed to make no more than one family swim reservation and one lap swim reservation.
  2. On Saturday, August 1, around 10am, we will update these registration limits and allow members to book a second family swim reservation and up to two additional lap swim reservations for the week, choosing from among any time slots that are still available.

We expect to continue this two-stage sign-up process in the coming weeks. Note that in addition to these reserved times, there are about 100 drop-in/walk-up slots each week for the shallow tank and dive well during lap swimming sessions that members can access. And starting the week of August 9, there will be additional swim reservation slots added to the calendar, due to the conclusion of swim & dive team practices.

IMPORTANT: if you make a reservation that you know you are unable to attend, please cancel it as early as possible so that another member has time to rebook it. This will increase other members’ opportunities to enjoy the pool.

See the registration webpage for the lap swim and family swim signup links.

When you access the Signup Genius, you will need to use a special code (login and view the code on this page or check a recent email from Dominion Hills Pool). When you sign up, use your first and last name, list any family members coming with you, and your DHARA Membership number (all required).