Text Alert Notifications for Emergencies and Pool Closures

DHARA is offering to its members a text alert service for pool closures and emergency notifications. The service, RainedOut, might be familiar to you, because it is used by local sports clubs.

To begin receiving alerts text DHARA to 84483 or click on this link. Enter your 10 digit phone number (without hyphens or parentheses), check that you agree with the terms of service (assuming you do), and click “start signup.” A text message will be sent to your phone from 844-83 with a 4 digit validation code. Enter that validation code on the website you were just using to enter information, because a box should appear on the website asking for your validation code.

You may be charged by your carrier the normal charge for receiving a text, but there is no other cost.

The service will only notify you about pool closures. You cannot send messages to DHARA using this service.

DHARA will use text messages in limited circumstances to notify members of a pool closure. A message will be sent only after DHARA staff have assured the safety of the members already at the pool. That means you may not receive a message the moment a decision has been made to close the pool due to weather or some other event.

DHARA is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by receiving a delayed message. As always, members expecting to visit the pool on a day when weather could close the pool are encouraged to monitor local weather reports and plan their schedule accordingly.

Please try out this service and give us your feedback about how well it is working.