Updated signage, etc

Jennifer Goehring

The pool is great so far this year! Our family is so excited to be back. A few ideas:

Billing to family account for the Quack Shack - it would be extremely convenient (maybe too convenient?) if we didn't need cash for the snack bar or could pay in advance online like the guest passes.
Although, it is helpful for my kids to know exactly how much they can spend on a certain day depending on how much cash we bring. Regardless, the snack bar is a major highlight!

Updated signage - I have noticed that some new families don't know all the rules and the signs are confusing become some signs are accurate (lifeguards only on the bulkhead) and some aren't (no food and drink on the pool deck). It would also be helpful to send out a quick FAQ of the rules and highlights - it took me years to know where the lost and found was and that the foosball and ping pong tables were open to everyone (we thought that area was for staff only). It would be great if the game room tables were consistently stocked with paddles, balls, etc.

Little library or place where members can swap books and magazines in the off chance you get an opportunity to sit and read.

Babysitting directory/general bulletin board - we would love to know which teenage members are available for babysitting, dog walking, grass cutting, etc.

We would love to see the adult only crab night back, ice cream socials, kids' nights AND the family campout.

Small workout room would be a huge plus!

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May 22, 2022