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Phase 2 Update on More Options for Members (June 17)

June 17 Update

Thank you again for your patience as we continue to work to expand the services of the pool as far as state guidelines will allow. We are happy to announce some positive changes based on the recently enacted Phase 2 from the state. Here are a few highlights.

  • Along with continued designated time for dedicated lap swimming, DHARA will also open for what we are calling “household exercise.” Our DH Phase 2 starts on June 20, however, you can reserve slots now. The reservations include several 90-minute sessions per day where the entire family can come and enjoy the pool. Here are a few important guidelines relating to household exercise time.
  • Just like dedicated lap swimming, members must reserve time on our website. Initially, we are allowing one household exercise slot per week, just to make sure we don’t oversubscribe resources. This will be in addition to the 6 lap swimming reservations already in place. See Phase 2 information and reservation links.
  • There will be 12 total available areas of the pool during household exercise time:
    1. Three deep lap lanes in the main pool (near the dive well).
    2. Three shallower lap lanes in the main pool that will be roped off in three perpendicular sections.
    3. The “tank,” which will be roped off, dividing it in half.
    4. The dive well, which also will be divided into 4 sections for treading water.
    * Entire families will be able to come enjoy the pool but only three members of each family can be in the pool at the same time … and still must be socially distanced from each other (unless a parent/guardian is helping a minor swim).
  • Be aware that the state’s Phase 2 guidelines (page 23) very specifically prohibit recreational swimming and all pool activities must be structured exercise. Examples of structured exercise include lap swimming, water walking, treading water, water aerobics, use of a kick board (please bring your own), and hanging on the side of the pool while kicking.

See the full list of DHARA Phase 2 Procedures

While we look forward to transitioning to Phase 3 as soon as possible, the state has not yet released the Phase 3 guidelines. We understand that recreational swim in some form will be permitted in Phase 3, and as soon as we have the state guidance, we will begin planning. Also, stay tuned for details about swim and dive instruction, expected to start by early July.