Cleaning Crew

Melody Jones

Hi, DH Board Members,

I think we should hire a cleaning crew to clean the bathrooms 1 day/week. It can be something as simple & easy as Merry Maids, etc. We can work this modest fee into our dues.

I mean this in the nicest way possible, the bathrooms are gross. 🙂 And I know I'm not the only one that thinks this. Even my kids mention the bathroom - tons of hair in the showers, toilet paper all over the floors, brown skids (caked on) in the toilets (I think you know what this means, ha), etc. I know all of these things are going to happen in a bathroom - especially a pool (wet conditions) and families (lots of kids) but I do think there is an opportunity to make sure our bathrooms are cleaned. As a former lifeguard - 8 years and various pools - we were required to clean the bathrooms as part of our job. If this is not something we require our staff to do, that's okay! - but we need an alternative.

Happy to talk more, or explore options/prices for the pool.


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July 31, 2022