Changes to Reservations / Member Code of Conduct Reminder

Hi all,

We have two updates for everyone.

First, like many of you, we’ve been frustrated by the MemberSplash reservation tool. While it worked well for spring swim, MemberSplash rolled out an update shortly before opening and needless to say it’s been very buggy.  Members have had reservations inexplicably disappear or simply have been unable to complete a reservation.  We’ve worked with MemberSplash in an attempt to resolve these issues, but problems persist with no clear end in sight.

Therefore, starting this Wednesday, May 19, we are doing away with reservations.  In their place, we will be simplifying things using a system that is first come, first-serve.  In accordance with state and local guidance, we will retain the capacity limits.

This is a temporary plan to bridge us to May 28 when state and local guidance will permit significant loosening of restrictions.  We will send additional info to the membership in the coming weeks on the changes to our procedures that will come on or after May 28.

As a result of dropping reservations, here is a list of things that will be changing and things that won’t:


  • You may come to the pool at any time during our operational hours. There is no need to make a reservation, and we will not be taking any reservations.
  • If all available swim slots (12 slots during lap swim, or 12 swim areas + 10 sunbathing loungers during family time) are filled, you will be asked to wait until a slot is available.
  • When members are waiting, lap swim slots are limited to 30 minutes, and family swim slots are limited to an hour.  If no one is waiting, there is no obligation to leave at the end of the time slot.
  • If other members are waiting to enter, our staff will approach the member who has had both their full time slot and has been at the pool the longest. The staff member will politely let them know that another member is waiting and request that they quickly wrap up their swim.
  • Members are asked to be mindful of their time using pool sections so all members are able to use the pool.
  • So that staff can keep track of available slots, on your way out of the pool, please check out with the front desk.
  • Because we are not taking reservations, there are no restrictions on how often you may come to the pool in a given week.


  • Lap swim and family swim hours remain the same though formal, time-bound windows will not exist.
  • During lap swim, there will be 12 available swim slots.
  • During family swim, there will be 12 available swim slots and 10 sunbathing loungers.
  • The dividers in the pool will remain during family swim times to ensure proper distancing is maintained.
  • The check-in process with staff at the front desk will remain the same.

We know this may be upsetting to those with reservations currently in place on Wednesday or later.  While your reservation will be cancelled, we encourage you to use the pool under the new system,which is intended to create equal opportunity for the entire membership to access the pool.  We’re hoping that these changes reduce frustration for the whole membership and for the board as we try to keep up with the dozens and dozens of technical support requests we’ve had to field as a result of the bugs in the MemberSplash reservation system.

Note as well, that as we have had a lot of interest in retaining lap reservations, the board will revisit this in the near future.

Second, we want to remind everyone of DHARA’s expectations around community interactions.  At last Thursday’s board meeting, a member noted that the commentary on Facebook had become pretty uncivil.  The Board understands that we have passionate members and that we have all been dealing with unprecedented situations.  We encourage our members to continue to share their feedback on Facebook and by email (  However, we ask that any communications, whether to or from the Board or among individual members, remain civil and constructive.  We are neighbors and co-owners of the pool, and we are all in this together.  Let’s treat each other with respect and remember that there are 500 members, all with different viewpoints.  Healthy debates are natural, but kindness and empathy are required.  In addition, bullying of any kind isn’t allowed, and degrading personal comments will not be tolerated.  If you see a post that you think runs afoul of these guidelines, please use Facebook’s “report” function to let our admins know or send us an email at  Users who violate these guidelines may be removed from the Facebook group.  In addition, in extreme cases, under Section 8 of the DHARA Rules, a membership may be suspended or revoked.  Obviously, we don’t expect, or want it to come to that.  We also hope everyone takes this in the spirit in which it is intended – the Board truly has no desire to discourage dissent or constructive criticism.  We only hope to take the temperature down a notch and encourage civility.

We’re excited for Virginia’s COVID-19 restriction changes coming later this month.  Keep an eye out for an email from the Board with further communications about post-May 28 operations.

Best regards,

Your Board