Updated February 2024 for the 2024 swim season

The DOMINION HILLS RECREATION ASSOCIATION will begin the hiring process early in 2024 for a variety of jobs to manage our facilities, provide for the safe enjoyment of our pools, and assist members and guests. We are hiring seasonal employment for the following positions:

  • Front Desk/Snack Bar Attendant
  • Lifeguard
  • Head Guard
  • Assistant Manager

Although there are deadlines listed for applications, we accept applications continuously throughout the year. Your application will be retained, and we will contact as the need arises. If you do not apply by the deadline, your preferred position may not be available.

Hiring Process

The process for hiring our summer operations staff is described below (managers & assistant managers, lifeguards, front desk, snack bar attendants, and lesson instructors to name a few). Our hope is to make the hiring process fair and transparent to the applicant.

Apply Here Now for the 2024 Season >>

Application Paperwork Steps

If you have any questions please email manager@dominionhills.org and info@dominionhills.org.

  1. Application: Anyone wishing to work at Dominion Hills must fill out an application using the link below: Apply Here Now for the 2024 Season
  2. Confirmation Response: A response is sent when you submit your application. This is NOT a notice of acceptance!
  3. Offer Emails: An email containing an offer for employment will be sent to all staff hired for the season. Applicants must respond accepting the position by the date in the offer letter. All offers of employment are contingent on turning in all required paperwork and attending a mandatory meeting in early summer.
  4. Letter of Application Retention Emails: An email is sent to applicants who are not hired during the initial hiring process, or do not make the deadline for application. Dominion Hills will keep information on file for one year. If we are in need of more employees during the season, we may contact the applicants with an offer letter.

If you submit an application but did not receive a hiring decision by the dates below, please contact the pool manager at manager@dominionhills.org

Important Dates:

  • February 17, 2024: Application made public for returning guards
  • March 30, 2024: Application Deadline for the season
  • Mid-March to Early April: Hiring decisions received by email
  • End of April: Paperwork deadline (See forms for more information)

Required Certifications/Training for Lifeguards

All employees hired for lifeguard, instructor, or coaching positions are required to be Lifeguard/ CPR/ First Aid/ AED certified. Employees are responsible for completing (or maintaining) this training prior to beginning their employment at DHARA. Employees are hired based on this certification, therefore failure to complete training will affect employment status. Lifeguarding certifications are good for 2 years. You must take re-certification classes before your certification expires.

See the American Red Cross Lifeguard Training Site

If interested in getting certified, please reach out to manager@dominionhills.org.

Paperwork Open House

Prior to the opening of the pool, we will conduct an open house on several days to complete paperwork required for employment, including direct deposit setup.

  • Open House Day: April 13th 10am-2pm

Mandatory Employee Meeting

Prior to the pool opening, we will have a meeting to prepare for the season, set expectations, and meet your board and managers.

  • 2024 Employee Meeting: May 19th 5pm-7pm

Training and Forms

Employees are responsible for completing required training and employment forms prior to employment. See Training for requirements and upcoming schedule, and Forms for a list of required paperwork.

Lessons Instructors

Group Lesson instructors are hired utilizing the process described above and will receive additional information about the program during the May Employee meeting. There is additional training for group lesson instructors in early June. All Lesson instructors must be lifeguards and work a minimum number of hours weekly to be eligible.

Coach Hiring

Coaches for Swim and Dive teams follow processes and schedules defined by each team, check out team pages for more info:

Swim Team and Dive Team

All coaches are DHARA Employees and must complete the same forms and abide by policies in the Employee Manual. Per Virginia Law, all coaches must be:

    • 15 years of age or older.
    • Certified as a Lifeguard

Current Openings

Our Seasonal Job Application has been posted for the 2024 season. Apply Now!
2024 Seasonal Hiring Application for Managers, Lifeguards, Front Desk and Snack Bar.