Updated February 2024


Member Contributions

  • Annual membership dues $1077

Summer Rental

  • Offered in waitlist order by date of application
  • Availability contingent upon the number of current DHARA families choosing not to use their membership for a season (thus making it available as a “summer rental”)
  • Annual membership dues + $100 summer rental fee
  • Current DHARA members incur a $100 fee for renting their membership

August/September Rental

  • $500
  • Offered in waitlist order by application date, once all available summer rentals have been offered and accepted

Childcare Provider

This is a fee to pay for a non-family member to be added to an account as a childcare provider

  • $50

Late Fees:

To avoid late fees, the AMC must be paid by March 15. The following late fee schedule will apply if payment is made after March 15.

  • March 16 to April 15
    • AMC + $100
  • April 16 to April 30
    • AMC + $225

Assessments Must be paid by the published due date, late fees will be assessed as specified on the website or in the assessment notice.

Read more details regarding membership in our rules and regulations.