DH Member Photos


Helooooooo Fellow Members!!!

You might know that our membership platform allows members to upload photos to their profiles. Adding a photo to your profile is something that really helps our front desk team verify it’s actually you checking in. To help us out, please follow these easy steps to upload your photos

Please go to our website at https://dominionhills.org/ and log in with your account credentials.


Your username will be your membership number. If you need, you can reset your password using the link on the login panel. If you have any questions or issues, please let us know.

Click on the three vertical buttons on each of your family members and select “Add Photo”.

Click the three buttons to the right of a member and select the middle options, "Add Photo"

You can then add or replace each family member’s profile photo by clicking the “edit” button, which has a pencil on it.

Just click “Submit” when you’re done and voila, you’re done!!  Repeat this for each family member and please, keep them current. You know how fast those kids grow up!!


Thank you, and remember to reach out if you have any questions to info@dominionhills.org.