Follow Up – Long Term Planning Meeting 2/20

Hello fellow members,

Thanks to all who attended the 2/20/24 special meeting regarding long-term planning and the proposed assessment to fund it. Please find a few highlights from the meeting below, along with the links to the presentation, meeting recording and, to the voting page. We also had a member move to extend voting for 1 week, until 9pm on February 27, which was passed by a majority vote of members on the call.

The 2/20 meeting covered topics including the state of the existing pool, environmental concerns, the scope of this next phase of work that we’re asking to fund, the financial needs for planning, construction and future operations, what our goals are and more.

The call recording covers these and others in more depth. If you have additional questions, feel free to reach out the board at, and we’ll reply as quickly as we can.

Meeting Presentation:

Meeting Recording:
Passcode: %N5wr1T#

Voting page: