No lap lanes weekend afternoons

Carlton Davis

Lap lanes should be closed from 12-5 on weekends. Folks have all week to swim laps, but kids and working parents only have limited time at the pool. Of course the pool on Memorial Day was crowded, but having 100 people cram into half the big pool while three lap lanes were being used by a total of 4 people was, quite frankly, embarrassing. And sure, the deepest lap lane was eventually eliminated to allow for more folks in the deep end, but that did nothing to expand the half of the pool where people could stand (should have eliminated the shallow lap lane), and the lap lanes were still only being used by 2-3 people. If we want to maximize family fun at the pool, which I think we all do, let's be more family friendly - close the lap lanes during the busiest pool hours so families and friends can have more of the pool to actually use. There are already dedicated lap lane swim times - how about some dedicated non-lap swim times?

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May 31, 2022