2024 Board of Director Candidates


I’ve been a board member for 6 years now, and lost track of how long my family has belonged to DHARA. What I haven’t lost track of is how much I value the people at the pool and the community we have. Since being on the board, we’ve put in place WiFi, new pool and parking lot signs, the Quack Shack, kept the gardens up and brought new, fun events to the pool. Are you having fun yet? I know I am! I want your vote so I can keep working to improve things for all of you!



I have been on the Dominion Hills Board for the past six years and have been honored to serve as President for the past three years. I served as Vice President for a year before that. My family moved into the neighborhood and joined DHARA in 2006. We enjoyed the pool for a few years before taking a six-year detour to Hong Kong. We returned in the summer of 2015, and the time we spent at the pool that summer helped us to reconnect with old friends and make some new ones. My youngest, Kayli, learned to swim at the DHARA pool that summer, and is now a proud member of the swim team. My middle child, Jeb, has spent his past few summers working at the front desk and the Quack Shack. Harrison, my oldest, and his friends relaxed at the pool last summer before heading off to college. When I’m not working with John and the DH Board, I spend my days as an attorney at Cleary Gottlieb. I have been very proud to be a part of the Board and a member of DHARA as we collaborated to overcome unprecedented challenges over the past few years. I hope to continue working for the membership, as the club and its Board address a number of issues over the coming years, including evolving policies, capital projects, and existing and new member outreach efforts. I hope you will give me the chance to continue my involvement in this organization that has provided my family with such great opportunities.


Alex is the budget director for the Export-Import Bank and a federal employee of over 14 years experience.  Prior to this position, Alex spent nearly 6 years at the State Department, working on the Department’s central budget, HIV/AIDS foreign assistance programs and global health matters in the western hemisphere. Alex is a native Floridian who has lived in Arlington for more than a decade. He lives in Boulevard Manor and serves as the neighborhood association’s secretary. Alex has extensive experience serving the Arlington community, from serving as a committee member to various County boards to coaching little league since 2015. Alex earned an MBA from the University of Notre Dame and enjoys spending time at the pool with his wife and 2 kids. 


Ive lived in Arlington for 33 years, 26 of which have been as a resident of Dominion Hills.  We are an avid swim family, DH members for eight years, our daughter Riley has been on the swim team since 2017, and both Tamara and I have been (and expect we always will be) active members and supporters of the club!  My background includes U.S. military and government service, management consultancy (program management, business process, policy development, etc.), and a very active sporting life.  We love Dominion Hills and the friendships we have made.



My family and I have been members of DHARA since 2016. Grace (13) and Davis (11) have been members of the DH swim team since first starting out as mini-warriors, and my wife Becca and I have been happily volunteering since then, usually as a swim meet timer and labor day burger flipper. I joined the board 3 years ago during the second summer of COVID after watching the DHARA board help tackle very difficult issues and keep the pool humming during hard times. Since being on the board, I’ve been involved in the communications committee, the nominations committee, and other efforts. I also manage the pool’s Inscoe property next to the soccer fields, including finding and vetting new tenants and organizing repairs and maintenance.  

I grew up mostly in the Alexandria area, and am happy to see any year when Hollin Meadows or Waynewood comes up on the schedule. I was an officer in the Navy for 9 years, leaving active duty in 2004. Following 3 years in the contracting world, I joined the Government Accountability Office, where I’ve worked for 15 years. I am committed to making sure that DHARA is a well run pool where people are kind and respectful to one another.


My wife (Sahar) and I joined DHARA in 2020, have three kids (June – 13, Thad – 11, and Eleanor – 9), and have been Arlington residents since 2005. Our kids attend Williamsburg Middle School and Jamestown Elementary. We enjoy participating in community activities, most days we are on a sideline watching the kids around town. 

Professionally – I’ve spent 12 years of my career at the US Department of Homeland Security, and the balance in consulting and financial services with my current role as Director on Navy Federal Credit Union’s Enterprise Risk Management team. I held several positions at my children’s preschool board, including President. 

I have enjoyed being an active member of the DHARA community, including participation on the DHARA board communications committee, social events such as the Luau and Oktoberfest, and supporting the holiday cookouts. If elected – I hope to make a positive contribution and make the experience enjoyable for our members. 


Voting Instructions

Use our online voting form to cast your vote here: DHARA ONLINE VOTING

You may cast your online vote after nominations are closed, at 7:30pm on February 7, 2024.

You may cast your vote prior to the Annual Membership Meeting if it is received by DHARA no later than 6pm, Tuesday, February 6, 2024, by First Class mail to: DHARA Elections, P.O. Box 5643, Arlington, VA 22205-5643.