October 2019 Update

The Board is undertaking a major project this fall to repair water intrusion damage to the pool deck and pump room and to prevent this type of damage from reoccurring in the future. In October 2019, the membership voted to finance the project through a $350 non-refundable assessment and $200,000 from the capital fund. Learn more.

February 2019 Update

At the Feb. 6 annual meeting, the membership approved authorization for an additional $65,000 in funds for this capital improvement project. This additional funding increases the total budgeted amount to $685,000 (from $620,000).

January 2019 Update

Work began on renovation of the community house and bathrooms in January 2019. The work is expected to be completed in time for the pool opening in May.

The board requested membership authorization for an additional $65,000 in funds for this capital improvement project.

Background: In late 2017, the board was actively engaged in the process toward making necessary improvements to the community house and bath houses. The membership voted on the high-level design proposal and funding for these important renovations in April 201. In November 2018, bids for the work came in substantially higher than the original estimates from late 2017, due to significant increases in construction costs over the past 18 months. The DHARA board worked with the winning contractor to reduce costs so we could proceed with the project. However, we now have no budget remaining to cover unexpected expenses that could come up during the construction process. The additional funding the board is requesting will allow us to add back some items currently removed from the project and also provide flexibility to respond to unknown expenses.

At the Feb. 6 annual meeting, we will review progress made on this project since April’s membership meeting including inspections, permitting and the bid process results. We’ll also share the latest project schedule to allow work to be completed by the beginning of the pool season.

Documents and information associated with this project:

  • Permit drawings from architect Ritter Norton.
  • Cost proposal from contractor Russell Gage Architects (Reflects updated value engineering options, which were changes made to ensure the project stayed within budget. NOTE: If the membership votes for additional project funding of $65,000, some of the removed items will be added back.)
  • Recent Q&As about the project received from the membership (updated 1/27/19).
  • Facilities update presentation (for the February 2019 Annual Meeting)

Summer 2018 Update

We received 140 votes by email, mail, and in person at the meeting on Thursday, June 7. Moving forward on the project with a cap at $620,000 passed with an overwhelming 124 votes. Option 2, which includes using $220,000 from our capital fund, borrowing $300,000, and adding a one-time capital assessment of $200 to each membership passed by a narrow margin.

The $200 assessment fee is due by Oct. 31, 2018. Learn how to make your payment.


A membership meeting was held on June 7 at 7 p.m. to vote on moving forward with capital improvement projects to improve the accessibility, safety, and aesthetics of our community house and bathhouse.

On April 11, the DHARA Board also hosted a capital projects informational meeting and open discussion on the planned renovation of the community house and bathrooms. The purpose was to share a readout of our research and provide some initial recommendations — including proposed design plans, estimated costs, and financing options.  Members in attendance provided design and financing feedback and suggestions. Some of that feedback included:

  • Design a separate family bathroom (which allows us to put one less toilet in women’s restroom)
  • Designate space within the women’s bathroom for changing (bench, cubbies, etc)
  • Water spigot in bathrooms for easier cleaning

Based on the member feedback at that meeting, the architectural firm proposed this redesign.

For those who were unable to attend April 11 meeting, you can watch this video of the session.