DH is Hiring – Membership & Communications Position

DHARA Members,

This year the board has continued to examine how we can best serve our members. The board has identified room for improvement with respect to communications, website, and membership services. DHARA only has a handful of paid administrative positions that support running the pool which include our pool manager, membership recorder, and contracted accounting. We are currently in the process of expanding the membership recorder role to include new responsibilities.

Starting next year, the membership recorder role will handle many tasks that were unaccounted for or managed by board members and volunteers. This is a seasonal position with the busiest months being those that lead up to the swim season. We are beginning a job search for this position and wanted to offer this to pool members and friends first, before posting widely.

The job posting can be found on our DH website at: (https://dominionhills.org/about/board/dhara-membership-and-pool-administrator-application/).   We are looking to make a hiring decision by early to mid February 2024, interested parties should apply by 1/15/2024.

We look forward to continuing to serve the DH community. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns at: treasurer@dominionhills.org.

Halloween Parade & Potluck

2023 Halloween Potluck & Parade

Bring the Family for Spooky Fun & Food!

October 28, 2023 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM @ the DH Lawn

Halloween Pot Luck & Parade

Oktoberfest 2023 Was a Smashing Success!

Oktoberfest 2023 was a smashing success!🍺!
We moved the party into our Bavarian Club House and danced the night away! Kudos to Sam Alexander for suggesting the best 90s cover band around – Irresponsible rocks!
Big thanks to John Aldonis, Zsolt Mackasi and Kendra Robins Ervin for help setting up!!! And thank you to EVERYONE for help cleaning up!!
See you at Oktoberfest 2024!🍺!

Labor Day PICNIC!! Monday From 12 to 2!!

One Night To Do Over

Oh. My. God. Becky. Look. At. That. Duck.

Oh. My. God. Becky. Look. At. That. Duck.

Come see the comedy classic

Hot Tub Time Machine



August 26, 2023: 6 pm – 10 pm

(And NO, it’s not what you think. Get your mind out of the gutter!)

Be there, all the cool kids will be, and the nerds too!

The First Ever DH Adult Movie Night in the Tank

Bring a Pool Floatie & BYOB (to share, if you’d like)

It’s going to be EPIC.

Sign up here to bring an appetizer, snack or dessert




DH Weekly Newsletter – July 31, 2023

Dominion Hills Weekly Newsletter
July 31, 2023

Upcoming early closures

Saturday, August 26: Pool closes at 5:30 pm for Adult Movie Night

News and Events

What a storm last night! There are folks here at DH and, other neighborhood friends that were impacted. Trees in houses or yards, power out, or just a mess to clean up. We hope wherever you are, you and those around you are ok. Please remember to be safe and stay away from any downed lines!!

August is about here so please give a warm welcome, or welcome back, to DH August-September members! We have some fun events coming up and expect to see at least a few of you at them!

Our next Wine Down event is Friday, August 11 from 5-8 pm.
Stay tuned for an announcement or, Sign up Here!

Upcoming events over the next few weeks

Friday, August 11: Wine Down on the Hill
Saturday, August 19: Family Movie Night on the lawn
Saturday, August 26: Adult Movie Night in the Tank

Invasive plant clean-up at DH:

Last month we had our first volunteer day to clean up invasive plant species on the DH properties, which includes the Inscoe house just adjacent to the parking lot. Efforts are being led by the local branches of the Audubon Society, Tree Stewards of Arlington/Alexandria, Arlington Regional Master Naturalists (ARMN), and Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN).

Our next clean-up day will be Monday, July 31 from 10 am – Noon.

Meet at the top of the DH main parking lot at 10 am on Monday, July 31.
We plan to continue clearing the honeysuckle on the north side of the stream where we’ve already made great progress. Volunteers will also be working pulling invasive Japanese stilt grass before it goes to seed near the stream.

We recommend gloves, eye protection, long pants, long sleeves, plenty of water, and a fantastic attitude.

New Games!

We do have a new game for families with younger kids at the front desk, “Flying Disk Ring Toss”!
The rules are basic, and it’s similar to cornhole.

Plant two stakes in the ground, at whatever distance seems good for your family. Divide into two teams and each team picks a disc color. Stand at one stake and take turns tossing a flying disc at the other stake. the team who lands their discs closest to the stake wins the round!

The game is available for sign-out at the front desk with your name and membership number!


It’s going to be a warm, muggy, first week of August, so come up to cool off!! With the predictably unpredictable summer storms passing through, popping up in the late afternoon or evening, make sure to check the weather before you come over.

Remember: Swim Early, Swim Often!!



DH Member Photos


Helooooooo Fellow Members!!!

You might know that our membership platform allows members to upload photos to their profiles. Adding a photo to your profile is something that really helps our front desk team verify it’s actually you checking in. To help us out, please follow these easy steps to upload your photos

Please go to our website at https://dominionhills.org/ and log in with your account credentials.


Your username will be your membership number. If you need, you can reset your password using the link on the login panel. If you have any questions or issues, please let us know.

Click on the three vertical buttons on each of your family members and select “Add Photo”.

Click the three buttons to the right of a member and select the middle options, "Add Photo"

You can then add or replace each family member’s profile photo by clicking the “edit” button, which has a pencil on it.

Just click “Submit” when you’re done and voila, you’re done!!  Repeat this for each family member and please, keep them current. You know how fast those kids grow up!!


Thank you, and remember to reach out if you have any questions to info@dominionhills.org.


DH Weekly Newsletter – July 24, 2023

Dominion Hills Weekly Newsletter
July 24, 2023


Upcoming early closures
Wednesday, July 26: Pool closes at 7pm for Staff Night
Saturday, August 26: Pool closes at 5:30 pm for Adult Movie Night

It’s the middle of Summer, the DH Thunder Ducks swim & dive teams have wrapped up their seasons and many of us will be heading out on vacation. Some to the beach, some to the mountains, and some to our in-laws. So far, we’ve had some great events for little ones, big ones, and adults and, we’re excited that we have more to come.Sunday, July 24 we had our first ever Champagne Adult Brunch & Swim at the pool. We got great feedback, enjoyed a morning cocktail, meeting new folks, and taking a dip in the pool. Definitely a win and something the board will be hosting again.

This Wednesday, July 26, is staff night at the pool, a way to say Thank You to the young team members, many of whom are heading back to college in the coming weeks. If you see a staff member, thank them!!

Upcoming events over the next few weeks

Wednesday, July 26: Staff Night in the pool
Friday, August 11: Wine Down on the Hill
Saturday, August 19: Family Movie Night on the lawn
Saturday, August 26: Adult Movie Night in the Tank

It’s going to be hot over the coming week, so come up to cool off!! We’ve also had a few storms pass through, popping up in the late afternoon or evening, so make sure to check the weather before you come over.

Swim early, swim often!!


First Ever Champagne Brunch (& Bloody Marys too)

Hello Friends!!

Join us This Sunday, July 23 for our FIRST EVER, Champagne (and Bloody Mary) potluck brunch from 9-11AM. Sign up here to bring a dish!!

We can’t wait to see you there!!


Poolside Cocktails - link to potluck sign up