Updates & Signup Links, Aug. 26

Below are the SignupGenius reservation links for the week of Aug 30 – Sept 5. Please remember that this summer guests are not allowed, and members of different households cannot share the same family swim reservation.

Two-stage Process for Reservations

  • Registration opens at 9pm Thursday, August 27. Members initially will be allowed to make no more than one family swim reservation and one lap swim reservation.
  • On Saturday, August 29, around 10am, we’ll update these registration limits. Members then can book a second family swim reservation and up to two additional lap swim reservations for the week, choosing from available slots.
  • Note: Use this special code for Signup Genius: dh2020 (do not share with non-members). When you sign up, use your first and last name, list any family members coming with you, and your DHARA Membership number (all required).

Reminders & Other Updates

  • Check out our many drop-in/walk-in options throughout the week.
  • If you are unable to make your reservation, please cancel 12- 24 hours in advance if possible, so others might use the pool. We’ve had a number of no-shows, and this leaves valuable pool time unused. We have also started monitoring no-shows.
  • In the next week, we’ll share our more limited September hours, which begin after Labor Day and continue until the last weekend in September.

The DHARA Board

Signup Changes, July 29 Update

Based on feedback from members about this week’s pool sign-ups, we are adjusting the sign-up process starting this coming week to make it more equitable for our members to have opportunities to attend the pool.

For the week of August 2-8, we will now have a two-stage process for reserving times:

  1. Registration will open at 9pm this Thursday, July 30, and members will initially be allowed to make no more than one family swim reservation and one lap swim reservation.
  2. On Saturday, August 1, around 10am, we will update these registration limits and allow members to book a second family swim reservation and up to two additional lap swim reservations for the week, choosing from among any time slots that are still available.

We expect to continue this two-stage sign-up process in the coming weeks. Note that in addition to these reserved times, there are about 100 drop-in/walk-up slots each week for the shallow tank and dive well during lap swimming sessions that members can access. And starting the week of August 9, there will be additional swim reservation slots added to the calendar, due to the conclusion of swim & dive team practices.

IMPORTANT: if you make a reservation that you know you are unable to attend, please cancel it as early as possible so that another member has time to rebook it. This will increase other members’ opportunities to enjoy the pool.

See the registration webpage for the lap swim and family swim signup links.

When you access the Signup Genius, you will need to use a special code (login and view the code on this page or check a recent email from Dominion Hills Pool). When you sign up, use your first and last name, list any family members coming with you, and your DHARA Membership number (all required).

Reservations and updates for the week of July 26

Make a Reservation for the Week of July 26

Note: Signups go live at 10PM tonight – This will be the same every Thursday before each new week begins (the weeks still run Sunday through Saturday).

Signup Reminders

  • When you access the Signup Genius links, you will need to use a special code (you must be logged in to view the code using the this link).
  • When you sign up, use your first and last name, list any family members coming with you, and your DHARA Membership number (all required).
  • Going forward, links to the reservation pages will be posted on the Dominion Hills website.
  • If you can’t make your lap or family swim reservation, please cancel/delete it, from your Signup Genius confirmation email. This helps ensure empty spots can be rebooked and used by those eager to enjoy the pool.

Buddy in Your Lane – New Lap Swim Option

To provide additional lap swimming opportunities, we will allow members who sign up for lap lanes to share their lane with one other member.  For example:

  • “Member Smith” can sign up and add “Member Johnson” as another swimmer when making the reservation. This will count toward the Smith’s weekly reservations but not Johnson’s. If Johnson wants to book lap times and bring Smith (or someone else), that’s okay as well.

Of course this is completely optional – you’re still welcome to have your own lane (on your own reservation). Think of it as having a “swim buddy” with whom you can share a lane, while creating room for other members to get in some additional laps! And as before, any number of swimmers from the same household may share a lane under the same reservation.

Tips for Using Signup Genius

We wanted to clarify a few items with the new SignUp Genius system we started using for Family Swim reservations:

  • When booking your reservation, choose “1” from the Quantity drop-down menu. (Choosing 2 would mean your are booking 2 reservation slots at the same time.) Quantity does not refer the number of people coming during your reservation time. If you choose 2, you will be unable to make another Family Swim reservation in the same week. See the screenshot below.

  • Please include your first and last name and, add the name(s) of family members coming along. (The front desk also will check you in when you arrive.)
  • If you need to edit (or delete/cancel) your reservation, use the links in the confirmation email you receive from SignUp Genius. Click on “Edit My Sign Up” and then follow the directions. See the screenshot below.

After clicking “Edit My Sgn Up”, you will be taken to SignUp Genius where you can update or delete your sign up. Clicking “Delete” will cancel the reservation.

  • Starting Thursday, we will use Signup Genius for Family Swim AND Lap Swim reservations, releasing slots for the week starting July 26. Reservations will go live at 10pm and the same instructions will apply for quantity selection and cancellation.

See more details in yesterday’s email. And you can always check the Dominion Hills website for the latest information

Phase 3 COVID Procedures

Please keep informed about our Phase 3 Operating Procedures, which include important guidelines and rules for pool users.

Read more →

July 17 Pool Updates

We are making some changes to our reservations system for better ease of use and to allow for more access and increased use of the pool. Keep in mind, everything is subject to change, based on the operational realities at the pool, feedback from our pool manager and of course, any changes in Virginia state regulations. Here are the details on the changes — please be sure to read this all carefully!

Reservation System

Starting this weekend, we are using a different reservation system, Signup Genius. We will start with family time reservations for the week of July 19. Lap swim reservations will move over for the week of July 26.

Many of you may already be familiar with SignUp Genius. We are switching due to some ongoing issues with the current reservation system — and the resulting high level of technical support required from our volunteer board. Using this new system should make it easier for most members too! You will need to use your email address — or even better, use your existing Signup Genius login (or create an account). Some key points:

  • When you access the Signup Genius links, you will need to use this special code (log in to see the code – or check the email sent out on Friday night, July 17). The code should NOT be shared with non-members.
  • When you reserve a slot, make sure you use your first and last name, list any family members coming with you, and your DHARA Membership number (all required).
  • Family Swim Reservations: On Saturday morning, July 18, at 9AM, signups will go live for the week of July 19-25 on the Signup Genius webpage. (Read more about Family Swimming below.)
  • Lap Swim Reservations: Use the current registration system on the Dominion Hills website through July 25. For Lap Swim slots on or after July 26, you’ll also use the Signup Genius webpage, which goes live next week. (Read more about Lap Swimming below.)
  • After this weekend, signups will go live at 10PM on the Thursday before each new week begins (the weeks still run Sunday through Saturday).
  • We will also post links to the reservation pages on the Dominion Hills website.

Family Swimming

Family swimming time slots will now be 75 minutes instead of 90 minutes (with 15 minutes to sanitize/disinfect the pool area between sessions). This change adds one session with 12 additional family reservation slots every day! We also are increasing the allowed family swim reservations to two per week, per household.

Please Note: We are not allowing non-household members to share sections during family swim sessions, as the configuration of certain sections does not ensure the required 10 feet of distance between members not of the same household.

Additional Drop-in/Walk-up Opportunities

On a drop-in/walk-up basis only during the lap swim sessions, members can use the 2 areas in the tank or the 4 areas in the deep end. These are not reservable times. One household will be permitted per section on a first-come/first-serve basis, and all members will be required to register at the front desk upon arrival. This provides over 120 new opportunities every week for members to enjoy the pool during these lap swimming times:

  • 11:00am – 11:30am Mon-Fri (30-minute – for senior/high-risk individuals)
  • 11:45am – 12:30pm Mon-Fri (45-minute session)
  • 7:15pm – 8:45pm – Mon-Fri (90-min session)
  • 7:30am – 8:45am on Sat/Sun (75-minute sessions)
  • 9:00am – 10:30am on Sat/Sun  (75-minute sessions)
  • 8:15pm – 8:45pm on Sat/Sun (30-minute session)

Current drop-in/walk-ups options remain as well. If a family swim time slot has not been reserved (please look online right before you come), you may drop in and use the empty time slot on a first come/first served basis. During family swim, drop-in users will be granted access to the pool 15 minutes after the start of the time slot. Please respect this and do not enter early — and you must still be checked in at the front. Drop-in use does not count against your weekly allotment of reservations.

Lap Swimming

Due to the current high utilization of lap lanes, some members have not been able to book lap lanes at all. To help remedy this, we will be decreasing lap lane reservations to three per week (Sunday to Saturday) per household (starting July 26). As a result of our schedule changes, we were also able to add six 30-minute slots each weekend evening.

We do request that everyone continue to respect the hours we have set aside for our older and high-risk members to swim laps (currently 11-11:30 weekdays and 7-9:30am on Sunday).

Again, for lap swimming, starting the week of July 26, you will make reservations in the new SignUp Genius system (reservations open on Thursday, July 23 at 10pm.)

Important Reminders

  • As has been the rule all summer, guests are not allowed.
  • If you can’t make your lap or family swim reservation, please cancel it. This helps ensure empty spots can be rebooked and used by those eager to enjoy the pool. We hope to avoid the need for a policy that penalizes members who don’t cancel their reservation.
  • If you are playing with a ball or toy at the pool, keep it in your reserved section and use it with only your household.
  • Please be ready to leave immediately at the end of your session so cleaning can begin and other members in the next session do not need to wait.

COVID-19 Phase 3 – July 12 Pool Update

Fellow members,

After reviewing our attendance by families at the pool since Phase 3 started we’ll be making some adjustments to our available family time reservation slots so we can allow everyone more time at the pool! We will be implementing the changes so that we can start with the new schedule on July 19.

Please NOTE: To keep the transition smooth we have disabled FAMILY reservations beyond July 18. If you see a date of 2021 as an available time to reserve a slot, this is a side effect of the restrictions. (You’re welcome to book for January of 2021, but you’ll have a cold swim.)

The details of our new availability are being finalized at our board’s COVID task force meeting this week and, we will send out information as soon as possible.

Thanks, and happy swimming!!

COVID-19 Phase 3 Pool Updates – June 25

Earlier this week, Governor Northam announced that every region of the Commonwealth is expected to move to Phase 3 on Wednesday, July 1. Likewise, we’re pleased to report our pool will begin our Phase 3 Procedures on July 1, along with new operating hours that incorporate swim and dive team instruction time. (Learn more about the swim team & dive team plans.)

Please keep in mind, until Phase 3 begins on July 1, we’re still operating under our Phase 2 Procedures, which do not allow free/recreational swimming.

Highlights of Our Phase 3 Procedures (Starting July 1)

  • Free/recreational swimming will be available! The state lifted the “structured exercise” requirement from Phase 3. Members from different households must still observe 10 feet of social distancing both in and out of the water. We will continue to offer 1 reservation per week/membership, but may adjust this limit in the future based on demand and utilization.
    • At least 12 available areas of the pool will be available during recreational swim times, including sectioned-off areas in the main pool, the “tank,” and the dive well. The baby pool also will be available. We’ll accept 12 household reservations during each 90-minute session.
    • Members are encouraged to rotate usage and share different parts of the pool during the 90-minute time slot — you will not have a dedicated area that is yours alone for the entire time.
  • At the 45-minute mark, the lifeguards will blow the whistle. At that time, please exit the pool area you have been using and select a different pool area that is not occupied. We also request that members reserve areas with shallower water for those members requiring access to shallower water to enjoy the pool.
  • Lap swimming-only sessions will be available in the early morning, midday, later evening, and on the weekends. We’ve also time set aside for members at higher risk, including members over 60 years old. Members will have 4 lap swim reservations per week; slightly reduced from 6 to accommodate more swimmers, and also because drop-in options now are available.
  • There’s no limit on the number of people from the same household that may share a swim lane or other area of the pool. (And we encourage families to make a single reservation and share a lane, to maximize utilization.) At this time, each swim lane or other area of the pool only may be used by a single household at a time.
  • The drop-in/walk-up policy will continue on a first come/first served basis. NOTE: Effective Friday June 26, drop-in users during household exercise time or, during Phase 3, recreational swim time will be granted access to the pool 15 minutes after the start of the time slot.This will help ensure people with a reservation have an area of their choosing, particularly important for those with young kids or lap swimmers. Any reservation made will be honored, right up to the last minutes.
  • In addition, we have a new policy on recreational swim reservations impacted by pool closings due to weather.

See the detailed Phase 3 Procedures and hours of operation starting on July 1.


Keep informed

As the summer progresses, we expect to make additional adjustments based on pool usage, state and local guidance, and member feedback. COVID-19 has resulted in a highly unusual summer. We continue to rely on your patience and understanding.

Please keep an eye on your email for future updates. Also check the Dominion Hills website, where we always post the latest information.

Be well friends!

  • The DHARA Board

Phase 2 Updates for Lap Swim & More (June 21)

We’re sharing some important updates to our Phase 2 Guidelines. Please read this email carefully as the described policy changes impact lap swimming reservations during the coming week and require further action from those who already made reservations.

We also have exciting news regarding a new walk-up policy for open time slots. Keep in mind, we will continue to update our pool guidelines related to COVID as the summer progresses and state guidance changes. We appreciate your patience with all of this. These are challenging times for the board and pool manager, and we are trying to be as nimble and responsive as possible while maintaining a safe, enjoyable pool environment.

Lap Swim Time – Clarification & Change

During Phase 2, as in Phase 1, we intended to allow one reservation for each of our 6 lap lanes during each lap swimming time slot. This would permit 6 reservations in a given time slot. The change for Phase 2 is that up to 3 people from the same household may use the lane during the time slot. Instead, the reservation system was allowing two reservations for each lap lane during each time slot (12 reservations per time slot). This resulted in the potential for members of different households sharing a lane. This was not our intention, and we have had negative feedback from the membership about it.

To rectify this, we are reducing the number of available lap lane reservations per time slot from 12 back down to 6. This will allow the intended one household per lane during each time slot.

Below is updated/clarified Phase 2 guidance to reflect this change:

  • Up to 3 swimmers from the same family may share a lane under the same reservation. If more than one swimmer is using a lane, the swimmers must maintain 10 feet of social distance while in the pool.
  • Swimmers from different memberships/households may not share a lane.
  • As before, each membership can make 6 lap reservations per week.
  • To accommodate this change, we have had to cancel the existing lap swimming reservations for the coming week. Therefore, anyone who has a lap swimming reservation during the week of Monday, June 22, please rebook your reservations as soon as you are able.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Also, make sure to check your “My Reservations Page” before and after making reservations. If there are any discrepancies, please let us know.

Drop-in/Walk-up Now Available

Starting Monday, June 22, if there are open time slots that have not been reserved in advance, members can use the open slot(s) on a drop-in/walk-up basis, first come, first serve. This policy applies to both lap swim and household exercise slots.So, log in and keep a close eye on the reservations openings pages, which easily allow you to see when there are open time slots.

Using a time slot in this way does not count against a membership’s weekly reservation allotment.

Also, please note that any reservation made will be honored, right up to the last minute of the time slot. You are still permitted to be late to your reserved time slot.
Important Note: At the moment, we are not scheduling reservations past June 28. We expect to adjust the schedule starting June 29, to build in swim & dive team instruction. Stay tuned for details in the next couple days.

Phase 2 Update on More Options for Members (June 17)

June 17 Update

Thank you again for your patience as we continue to work to expand the services of the pool as far as state guidelines will allow. We are happy to announce some positive changes based on the recently enacted Phase 2 from the state. Here are a few highlights.

  • Along with continued designated time for dedicated lap swimming, DHARA will also open for what we are calling “household exercise.” Our DH Phase 2 starts on June 20, however, you can reserve slots now. The reservations include several 90-minute sessions per day where the entire family can come and enjoy the pool. Here are a few important guidelines relating to household exercise time.
  • Just like dedicated lap swimming, members must reserve time on our website. Initially, we are allowing one household exercise slot per week, just to make sure we don’t oversubscribe resources. This will be in addition to the 6 lap swimming reservations already in place. See Phase 2 information and reservation links.
  • There will be 12 total available areas of the pool during household exercise time:
    1. Three deep lap lanes in the main pool (near the dive well).
    2. Three shallower lap lanes in the main pool that will be roped off in three perpendicular sections.
    3. The “tank,” which will be roped off, dividing it in half.
    4. The dive well, which also will be divided into 4 sections for treading water.
    * Entire families will be able to come enjoy the pool but only three members of each family can be in the pool at the same time … and still must be socially distanced from each other (unless a parent/guardian is helping a minor swim).
  • Be aware that the state’s Phase 2 guidelines (page 23) very specifically prohibit recreational swimming and all pool activities must be structured exercise. Examples of structured exercise include lap swimming, water walking, treading water, water aerobics, use of a kick board (please bring your own), and hanging on the side of the pool while kicking.

See the full list of DHARA Phase 2 Procedures

While we look forward to transitioning to Phase 3 as soon as possible, the state has not yet released the Phase 3 guidelines. We understand that recreational swim in some form will be permitted in Phase 3, and as soon as we have the state guidance, we will begin planning. Also, stay tuned for details about swim and dive instruction, expected to start by early July.